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Mandatory Reporting NOW!

Shameful Truth is a dedicated and focused collective of abuse survivors dedicated to exposing the complicity, collusion, cover-up, corruption and lies within the Diocese of Chichester and the wider Church of England, particularly when it comes to their knowledge of abuse and abusers within their ranks. Over many years of continued denials, we have managed to force the church to publicly acknowledge that there has been "deception and cover-up here". We have seen several paedophile priests put behind bars, including prolific abuser and suspected ring-leader Bishop Peter Ball. Our push for the truth has garnered the attention of the BBC, and has forced involvement from the highest levels of Government and the Royal Family.

Until Mandatory Reporting becomes law, it is not illegal for an individual or institution to knowingly cover-up abuse and protect abusers instread of those vulnerable within their care. It should be and must become law that those with knowledge of or strongly suspect abuse and/or abusers should report it to the Police or risk aiding and abetting in one of the most heinous and sickening crimes that continues to plague society. 

Explore almost a decade of coverage in this YouTube playlist with 170 videos:

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